Tips for Road Tripping While Pregnant

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The new trend these days is to take a babymoon before your new baby arrives.

But, if you don’t fly and need to drive to where you’re going, taking a road trip while pregnant can be a bit of a challenge.

I was 7.5 months pregnant when we went on our baby moon to Washington, D.C.

There were so many things that I would have done differently! While it was awesome to get to see things I’ve always wanted to see, being pregnant added a lot of difficulty to the trip.

I made it through the trip – barely – with my sanity intact, so I figured I’d share some tips with you to help make your trip a little easier!

Road tripping while pregnant

My husband, at the time would not fly on a plane, so road trip it was (he has since changed his mind about planes though!).

Here are some things to keep in mind while driving long distances.

Stop every two hours.

You’re gonna to have to pee anyway, and you need to stretch your legs to prevent blood clots. 

Get out and walk, and change drivers. This is a good chance to grab some snacks and grab more water if you’re out!

Take an insulated water bottle to keep your water cold.

If you like it cold, that is. Not only that, water starts to taste funny when you leave it in a hot car. You can get the one I use at the link above!

Drink the water!

Don’t forget to drink the water in your water bottle! Still important, and you’ll be stopping frequently so no need to worry about drinking too much.

Have fun – get the twizzlers.


As long as you’re not diabetic, have a little fun and get some snacks for the road. You’re on vacation after all. Just don’t overdo it and of course – drink plenty of water.

Site-seeing While Pregnant

If you’re planning on doing some exploring where ever you’re going, heed these warnings!

Wear comfy shoes

I bought new flip-flops two weeks before my trip. Big mistake!

They seemed comfortable on short walks, but ended up hurting my feet really badly after walking for a long time.

Make sure you have worn your shoes for a while and that you know you’ll be comfortable in them.

Tennis shoes would have been smarter, but I couldn’t get them on with my belly in the way!

Plan for the weather.

You need to know what the weather is going to be like where ever you’re going.

I’m not sure why I didn’t pack more appropriately for the weather when we went to DC… did I forget to check the weather?

It was rainy and slightly cold the whole time we were in DC!

Case-in-point, we were cold and soaking wet in our shorts and flip-flops!

We DID take umbrellas, but let me give you some advice on those…

Don’t bother! Bring a poncho instead! You will be able to take pictures and your hands wont get tired from holding the umbrella.

One other thing that happened at the time was Hurricane Florence was looming in the Atlantic.

We ended up cutting our baby moon short due to uncertainty about the path of the storm, and worries that we’d get stuck somewhere with no provisions.

Of course, you can’t plan for those types of things too well, but just be aware that you may have to cut your trip short or go at a later time depending on where the storm hits.

My batchelorette party was at Universal Studios on the weekend after Hurricane Irma came through and I really thought we wouldn’t get to go due to all the damage in southern and central Florida.

Wear a belly brace.


I felt the difference in my back when I wore it and when I forgot to wear it.

You sort of forget how heavy your belly is until you’ve been walking for more than 20 minutes.

The one I love and ordered two of is at the link above. Check out my list of all the other things that helped me during my pregnancy.

Know your transportation options.

Before we went to DC, neither of us had ever used Uber.

It was such a blessing to get a ride back to our AirBnB after walking over an hour in the rain and another hour in a museum. I was so tired!

We had PLANNED to use public transportation and bikes while in DC, but because it was raining, bikes were a no go, and we really didn’t feel like figuring out the bus lines.

Once the rain did finally clear up, it was hot and humid and I nearly passed out from heat exhaustion. Bikes were back on after that!

Just make sure you know what the options are and don’t be too proud to use them.

Keep it simple.

When I first started planning this trip, I had us visiting several places every day.

Pregnant women don’t got time fo dat!

The truth is, I was tired after about 3-4 hours of exploring and we were always home by 4pm.

Don’t get too excited – take it easy and remember to schedule some time for relaxation. You DO want to relax, don’t you!!?

Relax while on your baby moon

The last thing I want to say is, make sure you’re staying somewhere comfortable.

I was honestly very happy to be cutting my trip short because the AirBnB we chose was cute, but not super comfortable.

The couch was super hard, so we spent a lot of time chilling in bed. The bed was OK, but I missed mine by the end of it.

It was also in a sketchy part of town, so I was always on edge. 

All I’m saying is, it might be worth the extra money to get a nice, comfy hotel. 

Where are you planning on traveling while pregnant? Wanna share some tips with your pregnant sisters? Comment below!

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