Best Products to Get You Through the Third Trimester

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As I got into the beginning stages of my third trimester, everything just got harder.

For instance, coughing or sneezing without peeing in my pants; finding a good sleep position; finding motivation to do ANYTHING; and making it through the day without any aches or pains.

But I thankfully invested early in a couple good resources that helped me tremendously.

Yup, there are tons of other remedies for all that ails you in pregnancy, but these two products have been most beneficial to me, and perhaps, to you!

For tired, achy feet and legs

Being a nurse, I wear compression socks a lot.

Not all the time, but specifically when I know I’m going to be working more than one day in a row.

I find that on days when I don’t wear them, I basically complain with every step I take.

& by the time I get home, I have to sit rather than stand in the shower!

On my first day back to work after traveling to DC for our baby moon, I came to realize how vital a pair of socks can be.

I was feeling pretty good, and I suddenly wondered: WHY DIDN’T I THINK TO TAKE THESE TO DC??

Oh, probably because I was stupid and wore flip flops the whole time.

I might have actually made it to the top of the Lincoln Memorial instead of sitting it out (because the elevator was broken) if I had thought to bring these miracle workers ↓↓↓↓↓↓ (the actual brand I use!).

So if your feet are hurting at the end of the day, seriously consider getting some compression socks. They aren’t just for preventing blood clots!

For an aching back

I have recommended a belly support brace a few times before but I keep recommending it because I can really tell a difference in how my back feels when I wear it.

On vacation, I wore my belly band around all day and my back didn’t hurt at all (just my damn feet….)

On the days where I forgot the band in the car or at the Airbnb, I felt it. A lot.

I typically wore my band on and off while at work during pregnancy. Just an hour or two in the band makes a big difference for several hours.

I recommend this band ↓↓↓ because it’s the one I have, but try one out and see what you like. Then come back here and recommend your favorite!

I actually lost my first band (probably at work) and ended up buying a new one because I couldn’t make it through the rest of my pregnancy without it.

If you’re pregnant right now, what product is keeping you going? Let me know in the comments!

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