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The first thing I did when I found out I was pregnant was to go out and buy a few pregnancy books.

While they were fun and exciting for a little while, I started yearning for something a little less informative and a little more relaxing.

I haven’t read a new book in quite some time.

The last few books I started all ended up boring or not interesting enough to keep my attention.

But with the thought of motherhood looming over me, I figured before having a baby would be a good time to read.

Who knows when I will have time again?

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My problem with most books is that I can’t relate to them.

Yeah, I’m still over here reading teen novels because I can’t relate to unhappy married couples who want a divorce.

So I thought that I would try reading some books with pregnant women as the main characters.

These books were on my list to read while pregnant.

Unfortunately, I only got around to reading one, and it kind of soured me on reading anything for the rest of my pregnancy.

Still, if you’re looking for something you can relate to now that you’re pregnant, why not check one of these books out?

1. Mother of Invention by Caeli Wolfson Widger

In this futuristic sci-fi novel, a badass woman (Tessa) invents a procedure to accelerate pregnancy to just 9 weeks.

As time goes on and trials for the procedure progress, Tessa begins to question her new invention.

OK, how awesome would it be to have a shorter pregnancy in which the baby still came out fully developed and healthy?

I don’t know about 9 weeks, but I would settle for 6-7 months.

2. The Home for Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman

In 1950’s Quebec, a young girl (Maggie) falls pregnant at age fifteen.

Her parents send the child to an orphanage. 

Seventeen years later when Maggie is getting ready to start a family, she realizes that she must go in search of her daughter.

3. You Don’t Know Me but I Know You by Rebecca Barrow

Audrey is an adopted 17 year old girl trying to piece together her life.

When she falls pregnant, she finds herself in her biological mother’s shoes, facing the same decision that was made for her 17 years ago.

4. The Rending and the Nest by Kaethe Schwehn

95% of the world’s population is gone after the Rending.

Mira pieces together a community called Zion in which she tries to find a semblance of normalcy.

Then all of a sudden, the women of the community begin giving birth to strange objects.

I started to read this one and got a fair bit of the way through, but it’s the one that made me not want to read anything else!

If you liked Station Eleven, this book would probably be right up your alley. Personally, I hated them both!

5. Swaying by Lucinda Blanchard

One woman is determined to have a daughter. The question is: how far will she go to choose the sex of her baby?

Oh boy. I wanted a boy so badly.

Before we found out the gender of our babies, my pregnancy buddy and I joked that we would swap if she was having a boy and I was having a girl!

6. Eleven Hours by Pamela Erens

Forewarning: Multiple reviews stating not to read this while pregnant! 

This is a story of two women, one laboring, and the other newly pregnant.

The book covers both of their personal history, and details how they form a close bond during the eleven hours they spend together.

I can only imagine the book does not end well, so if you’re hoping for an uplifting book, or want to avoid horror stories, stay away from this one.

If you’re up to the challenge, proceed. This one is next on my list now that I’m not pregnant!

Got any suggestions for me? Drop me a line!

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