Tips to Relieve Pregnancy Hip & Back Pain

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At 18 weeks into my journey, I began having pregnancy hip pain.

It was the kind that came out of no where.

One night I was lying in bed and I just couldn’t sleep because the pain was so bad.

I thought it was my memory foam mattress, which occasionally causes lower back pain.

But when I tried the pillowtop in our guest room, the pain only got worse. Then not long after, I started having back pain, too!

Most people know that back and hip pain just come with the pregnancy territory, but I didn’t expect it to be that bad.

Honestly, only a few things actually helped, and now I’m gonna share them with you.

1. See a chiropractor

If you can afford to see a chiropractor, do it.

& not just for your pregnancy hip & back pain and other related ailments.

I’ve been going to the chiropractor since a few months before I got pregnant and it was the best decision I’ve made.

I stopped having migraines and my back doesn’t hurt anymore.

If you’re not into the whole cracking and twisting method, there is another type of adjustment you can get. Check out the video above for more details!

Prices where I am are between $30-50 per adjustment.

Insurance may pay for these adjustments, but my copay was actually higher than the cost of the adjustment. My chiropractor also offers a payment plan so I just pay monthly.

My chiropractor helps pregnant women relieve their aches and pains and helps prepare the body for birth.

I was also starting to get a sharp pain in my buttocks (SI joint pain) and it got more manageable after a few adjustments.

Do it if you can! It’s worth it.

2. Stretch before bed.

In the first few nights I got this new hip pain, the only thing that helped even a little was to stretch.

I laid in bed on my back and pulled my ankle toward my face as far as it could go, for as long as I could stand it. That method actually helped the most.

You can also try squatting all the way down and rocking gently side to side.

For back pain, a quick stretch forward and to the sides helps me the most.

3. Consider buying a new bed

cozy bed

This is probably not a very easy or cost-effective thing to do.

However, I felt for the sake of my sanity that it was necessary.

After all, people tell you you’ll never get any sleep after the baby is born, so why not do what you can to make up for it now?

After much deliberation (and a couple nights where I got only 3-4 hours of sleep), we went to Mattress Firm and bought a split king with adjustable bases.

The price was steep – I’ll admit.

But thankfully they had a 5 year, no interest option so that we didn’t have to settle for no sleep!

After getting the right mattress for me, I slept fairly well for being pregnant.

I had some very mild pain now and then, but I was able to avoid it by laying on my back and adjusting my bed so that I was elevated.

Helped tremendously with heartburn, too!

4. Use a support brace

People questioned me for using a brace when I barely had a belly, but it really does help.

For long days at work, I wore it on and off for a few hours.

They are not that expensive, either!

I actually lost my first one and bought a second one because I just couldn’t live without.

The one I have and recommend is this one from Amazon.

What pregnancy symptom pains you most? Let me know in the comments!

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