Ways to Distract Yourself at the End of Pregnancy

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Let me guess: you’re in your last weeks of pregnancy and obsessed with getting your baby out!

You most definitely need some ways to distract yourself at the end of pregnancy; otherwise you’ll go nuts.

It’s tough, those last few weeks!

I was totally restless and almost always complaining about still being pregnant.

I found ways to cope until the moment finally came!

Here’s all the ways I came up with during those last couple weeks.

1. Finish your reading list

Personally, my reading list during pregnancy was a mile long.

The one thing I wanted to have done before giving birth was to finish the Harry Potter series again.

I read them all through my pregnancy and I got all the way to mid 6th book before my water broke.

I thought I’d have time to read during maternity leave, but trust me, it just doesn’t get done.

Do it now!

2. Stock up on non-baby essentials

toilet paper rolls

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to the store for something totally random during my time off.

I am really terrible about remembering what we need.

I’ve had to start a list every couple of days.

Do yourself a favor and try to get everything you think you’ll need.

Toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, dog food, etc.

Your partner isn’t going to want to go out (but certainly will because you said so, right??) and get these things either – you’ll both just be wanting to nap!

Of course if you forget something, you can always ask your eager friends or family to pick it up for you as a requirement for visiting. 😀

3. Read about ways to induce labor naturally at

Can’t tell you how many times I googled information on how to induce labor.

I learned all sorts of things!

Of course I tried several things to no avail, but it is definitely a way to pass the time.

I definitely spent ridiculous amounts of time reading other people’s success (or not success) stories with natural methods.

4. Read birth stories

Just another way I passed the time before my time came.

You can read my birth story here!

Just beware of those stories that have a lot of scary stuff.

You don’t want to give yourself anxiety about your upcoming delivery!

5. Clean/organize

This is the one thing I hate to do most.

But it works.

It accomplishes two things in one go.

My house got clean and ready for baby, and I was distracted from wondering when I’d go into labor.

6. Sleep

woman sleeping

The last week before my baby came, I had some extra time off from work to get ready for the baby.

During the times when I just didn’t want to do anything else, or when I was just actually tired, I was catching up on sleep. 

& let me tell you, it was amazing.

I love naps.

It turns out it was a great idea, since I slept only 5-6 hours over the course of 3 days after the baby was born.

7. Keep working, if you can

As much as I complained about having to work full time until my delivery, it probably saved my sanity.

I don’t think being off and anticipating the delivery would have been good.

At minimum, I was distracted for 12 hours, three days a week.

Do what you can – you’ll keep earning money for the baby and save your maternity leave.

8. Pamper yourself


My pregnancy buddy informed me shortly before our delivery that she got a pedicure and it was totally worth the splurge.

I personally got a prenatal massage a few weeks before delivery.

Sure, it wont distract you for long, but it sure will relax you and, for a pedicure, will give you cute toes 😉

9. Go shopping

Even if you don’t buy anything, going shopping might be a really good idea. 

For one thing, it gets you up and walking, which they is good for dilation and effacement.

For another, it could be your last time in the foreseeable future to shop alone or with no time constraints!

Got any other ideas to help distract yourself at the end of pregnancy? What’s working for you? Let me know in the comments!

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