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The Five Essentials You Need to Bring Baby Home

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*Written in November 2018.

I have four weeks left of my pregnancy and I can honestly say that I’m a little worried about what’s going to happen when he is born. 

Right now my house is a total disaster. I heard it said once that your home is a reflection of how you’re feeling inside. Well, that is a totally accurate description for me. 

There are cardboard boxes littering each room of my house, all once filled with items for my baby or my pregnancy. The laundry, until recently sat clean in 4 separate baskets waiting to be folded. 

Nothing is organized, nothing is clean. It’s just chaos, and that is how I feel.

The nesting thing just still hasn’t kicked in for me. 

It was starting to wear on my sanity that I have nothing complete. The nursery is only half done. We haven’t “baby-proofed” anything. We don’t have diapers or wipes. & my hospital bag isn’t packed yet.

But then something just clicked in my head.

I don’t need any of those things to bring my baby home. 

I racked my brain and asked myself exactly what do I need right away, and what things can wait until we’ve settled down?

Things you absolutely have to have to bring your baby home from the hospital.

car seat.

Let’s face it. You can’t drive your baby home without a car seat. It’s the law.

We grabbed ours early on in pregnancy when Toys ‘R Us was going out of business. The base has already been installed in my car.


A place for baby to sleep

We have a crib and admittedly it was one of the first things we bought. But it wasn’t until recently that we bought the bassinet where the baby will sleep until he transitions to the crib.


Some clothes

You can actually buy onesies in bulk in most places (e.g. five pack of plain colored onesies). Babies poop and puke a lot in the first part of their life though, so just be sure to buy enough that you don’t have to wash them every day. 

Don’t forget to take into account the weather. You might need a jacket or a blanket. Which brings me to the next thing…

My mother in law has bought more clothes for my baby than I have so, done!


You need blankets to keep your baby warm. They are also helpful for getting a baby to sleep. Swaddle blankets can also be bought in bulk.

I bought a pack of blankets a while back so I could write the post on how to swaddle your newborn, so that’s one thing that is done!!

A method to feed your baby

If you’re planning to breastfeed, then you’re done. You don’t typically “need” anything else. You may want to buy other things like nipple cream and leak pads, but you don’t need them to be able to bring your baby home.

If you’re planning to use formula then obviously you need a can of said formula and at least one bottle. You could very possibly not even need these two things if the hospital isn’t labeled “baby friendly” and will give you a can and some bottles to go home with. 

We’re planning to breastfeed at this time, so… done!

These are the only things needed to bring baby home!

Notice that I didn’t say diapers or wipes, or pacifiers, or anything else. 

The hospital will provide at least one pack of diapers and wipes to get you through the first day at minimum. Personally, I’m not buying these items until I know what size to buy. Sure you can buy some if it will make you less stressed.

The hospital will generally also provide a pacifier should you choose to use one.

So now when people ask me if I’m ready, I say with confidence, YES!

The nursery will get done eventually. The house will get cleaned when I’m on maternity leave. *shrug*

I’m totally ready to bring my baby home!! 

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