Breast Pump Comparison Guide

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Are you confused about which breast pump to buy?

Do you need an expensive pump, or will a cheap one be good enough?

Personally, a breast pump comparison guide was just what I needed because as a first-time mom, deciding which breast pump to go with was somewhat of a mystery.

& it has been an expensive mystery, too. If you don’t like the pump you have, you can’t return it to the store once it’s been used!

Since my son was born, I’ve used three different pumps. & that’s a lot for someone who HATES pumping!

Where to get a breast pump

There are several ways to obtain a breast pump.

The easiest way is to just go to the store or to an online retailer and purchase one.

The next option would be to get a used one from somewhere like Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. (Only the actual pump – you would still need to order the parts).

But if you want to possibly get a free pump, you’ll need to go through your insurance provider.

This process is a little more complicated and takes longer, but hey! You get a free pump.

There are multiple sites on the web that can help you take care of this. I personally went through Aeroflow and it was really easy.

Factors to consider before purchasing a breast pump

Since there are so many different kinds of breast pumps, you may be asking how to choose!

The answer to that question depends on a couple of factors:

  • How much you’re going to pump
  • What features are most important to you
  • How much you’re willing to spend

So in order to help you decide, I created this breast pump comparison guide which is broken up first between brands, price, and then by key features. Hope this helps!

Medela Breast Pumps

Medela breast pumps are (for the most part) open systems. This means there is a chance you can get milk in your tubing and/or pump. This can be avoided by not leaning over while pumping.

Medela Freestyle –

For moms who pump a couple times a day and not worried about supply.

The Freestyle is designed to be hands-free (with accessory), but some say that leads to less suction and therefore, less milk.

Medela Pump In Style –

For moms who pump several times a day.

The Pump In Style is a basic pump that will work for most moms. 

It has adjustable suction levels and comes with a battery pack that lets you take your pump anywhere to pump.

Medela Sonata

For moms who are exclusively pumping or have low supply.

The Sonata is built with hospital performance – it’s a work horse that will get you the most milk.

It is rechargeable which means you can carry it around if you need to.

This pump’s parts prevent backflow.

I personally use this one and there is a blog post coming on it soon!

Spectra Breast Pumps

Spectra pumps have backflow protectors. This means they will not let any milk reach the tubing or pump.

I’ve heard from many moms that they prefer Spectra over Medela, but I have also heard it can be difficult to find spare parts.

Spectra 9 Plus –

Small and portable, could be hands free with the right accessory.

Has an LCD screen. Same amount of suction as the S1 & S2 Plus.

Comparable to Freestyle.

Spectra S1 Plus –

Rechargeable, so it costs a little more.

Comparable to the Pump in Style, but has more options for suction and speed.

It also has a backlit digital screen so you can see what you’re doing at night.

Spectra S2 Plus –

Same as the S1 Plus but it’s NON-rechargeable. Must be plugged in.

A lot of women prefer this or the S1 over Medela because it’s gentler and has the wide variety of suction and speed controls for optimal comfort.

Evenflo Breast Pump

Evenflo Advanced

Evenflo has only one double electric pump to choose from. The more advanced options only include a bag, cooler, and bottles.

The Evenflo Advanced is “hospital strength” and good for frequent use.

It has 32 speed and suction settings to give you optimal comfort.

It can use batteries or an AC adapter. Plus, you get two free online breastfeeding classes included.

Lansinoh Breast Pumps

Lansinoh pumps also have backflow protectors!


Lansinoh’s standard double electric pump.

Has adjustable settings. Lansinoh describes this pump as good for moms on the go.

Several reviewers said they had been using it for exclusive pumping with no problems and a few even said they got more milk over other brands.


Basically the same pump as Signature Pro but with upgrade to bluetooth technology to track sessions on a mobile app. 

I chose this pump through insurance due to it having the app, but actually found that the app was pretty useless. (You can get the SignaturePro for about $50 less without this capability).

I also did not find the pump to be comfortable and it was rather noisy. Think of a pig “oinking” over and over and that’s what it sounds like.

Breast Pump Price Comparison

If cost is your main concern, here’s how each pump ranks, from lowest to highest priced.

  • Evenflo Advanced
  • Lansinoh Signature Pro
  • Spectra 9 Plus
  • Lansinoh Smartpump
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Medela Pump in Style
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Medela Sonata

Breast Pump Key Features

Rechargeable Breast Pumps

  • Medela Sonata
  • Medela Freestyle
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Spectra 9 Plus

Breast Pumps with Battery/AC Adapter

  • Medela Pump In Style
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Evenflo Advanced

Breast Pumps with a Mobile App

  • Medela Sonata
  • Lansinoh Smartpump

Hands free Breast Pumps

  • Medela Freestyle
  • Spectra 9 Plus

Breast Pumps with Digital Display

  • Medela Freestyle
  • Spectra S1 Plus
  • Spectra S2 Plus
  • Spectra 9 Plus
  • Lansinoh Signature Pro
  • Lansinoh Smartpump
  • Medela Sonata

There you have it!

Hope you were able to get some insight into which pump might be the best for you.

If this still isn’t enough information, ask the other women in your life who’ve had experience.

I work with several other experienced moms in the NICU and they all had a different, but useful opinions about which pump to get.

Which pump did you choose and why? How is it going? Do you love your pump?

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