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Why I Switched to the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

nursing pillow

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nursing pillow

Are you struggling to get comfortable while nursing your baby?

Are you having issues with latch while breastfeeding?

Your nursing pillow may be the culprit!

Before I became a mother, the only nursing pillow I knew about was the Boppy.

We use it in the NICU for all sorts of things, but especially for breastfeeding moms. So I never had second thoughts about adding it to my baby registry.

But I soon discovered another type of nursing pillow that made all the difference for me and my little guy.

Using the Boppy Pillow

In the days and weeks just after my son was born, the Boppy was my close friend, but for me it quickly became the kind of friend that you get irritated with really quickly.

The truth is, the Boppy just made me feel sloppy!

I was always having to readjust the pillow or hold on to it to get my son to latch perfectly.

How We Found the My Brest Friend Pillow

One day we began having issues breastfeeding and I went to see the lactation nurse at the hospital where I delivered.

During our session, we used a generic My Brest Friend pillow.

My son had no issues latching or transferring milk during that session and I was totally comfortable the whole time.

I went home thinking that maybe it was just the nursing pillow I’d been using that was causing us to have problems.

So I went on Amazon that day and ordered the pillow and I never looked back!

What’s the real difference between the Boppy Pillow and the My Brest Friend Pillow?

As I mentioned, the Boppy pillow was causing me to focus more on the pillow than on my baby.

Instead of focusing on getting a good latch, I was focusing on positioning the pillow in order to even be able to get a good latch.

Secure fit

my brest friend pillow

The Boppy has no real way to keep itself in place, so I was always having to adjust it.

On the other hand, the My Brest Friend pillow wraps around your torso and buckles together to keep it exactly where you want it.

So in essence, the My Brest Friend pillow allows you to sit comfortably in basically any position and actually breastfeed your baby without worrying about pillow position.

Back support

The added benefit of the MBF pillow wrapping around your torso is that it provides back support and helps keep your posture in good shape.

If you need your baby to be higher, you can secure the pillow higher on your waist so you’re not slouching over your baby to get the perfect latch!

Baby stays put

The MBF pillow is also flat rather than curved like the Boppy.

This means that your baby isn’t going to roll toward you or away from you while you’re trying to feed him.

Bonus: My Brest Friend comes with a pocket!

It’s up to you what you put in this pocket, but I put my phone in it, or a small bottle of water.

It’s super convenient!

The Boppy still has its benefits

Although I don’t use the Boppy for nursing anymore, I love to use it for my baby.

I put my son on his tummy with his chest resting on the pillow.

This gives him a nice view and allows him to work on head control.

baby doing tummy time on boppy

You can also prop your baby on the pillow on his or her back for a little bit of R&R provided you don’t let them sleep on the pillow.

(They can slide down and occlude their airway!)

So even if you’ve already bought a Boppy and now you want a My Brest Friend, you wont have to feel like you wasted any money.

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