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Helpful Products for the Newborn Period

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The newborn period was rough. Okay?

I brought my baby home and anxiety like I had never known before filled me up.

I cried the first night at home because I couldn’t tell from my bed if my son was breathing in his bassinet.

Then I cried because my boobs hurt.

I cried because my husband didn’t know what to do with a baby.

I just cried a lot. Which is totally normal, but it doesn’t feel normal!

During those first few weeks, these newborn products were vitally important to me and my coping skills as a new mom.

Most Helpful Newborn Products

1. Cosleeper

As I mentioned, the first night at home with my son was rough. I laid him down to sleep in a bassinet that was right beside my bed.

I then laid down myself and looked over to check on my baby. The problem was that I couldn’t see him!

Ohhhh, that caused me all sorts of anxiety.

So the baby ended up next to me in bed, even though I was so against cosleeping.

I had to set an alarm on my phone for every 15 minutes so that I could check to make sure I hadn’t smothered my son and to make sure he was still breathing.

I cried for a long time that night, and started looking on Amazon for a way to have him in bed with me that would keep him safe.

baby sleeping

This cosleeping bed saved my sanity.

I could have my son nearby which made it easy to check on him in between breastfeeding sessions.

It was also super convenient just for breastfeeding; I never had to leave my bed.

Types of Cosleeping Beds

There are several different brands of cosleeping beds, with the DockATot being the most well-known (but also probably one of the most expensive).

Some cosleeping beds are meant for use IN your bed, and some are meant to be used on the side of your bed.

I personally feel that the ones meant to be used in your bed are better because they don’t get in your way if you need to get out of bed.

On the other hand, they can take up a good chunk of your bed, which may not work if you have a Queen or Full bed.

2. My Brest Friend pillow

At three weeks postpartum, I developed nipple thrush, which is just the worst.

At the time I didn’t know I had it, so I went and saw the lactation nurse at the hospital where I delivered to check latch.

Honestly, our latch was suffering before that anyway (I had cracked and blistered nipples the first two weeks), so it was good to get it checked.

At the hospital, the nurse gave me a nursing pillow I had never seen before.

nursing pillow

During that session, I was very comfortable and my son latched perfectly!

I went home thinking maybe it was just my nursing pillow causing bad positioning and thus a bad latch and pain.

So onto Amazon I went!

Honestly, the My Brest Friend Pillow was so much better than the pillow I had before.

I attribute my not giving up on breastfeeding partially to this pillow – it’s a boob saver!

3. Baby wrap

This is another one of those items that I just really never saw myself using.

But then my son came along and I just never wanted to put him down (& he was fine with that).

This was obviously a problem because I had things to do & my arms just got tired after a while.

I found a simple baby wrap on Amazon and it has been really useful. You can even make your own baby wrap if you’re the creative type.

A lot of the time my son would fall asleep while I was carrying him and he’d get a nice long nap. Win!

4. Nipple cream & Nipple shells

As I mentioned before, in the first two weeks of nursing my son, my nipples were cracked and blistered.

There were only three things that really helped:

  • going topless
  • nipple cream
  • & nipple shells

Of course, I couldn’t go topless the whole day because we were having visitors.

So the next best option was to use nipple cream after feeds and then to put shells over my nipples to protect against friction from my bra or shirt.

The nipple shells alone were life savers.

I used Motherlove nipple cream because I had seen it recommended on another blog.

It’s organic and you don’t have to wipe it off before nursing (which is good because my nipples could not take it!)

Are you in the newborn phase right now? What products are helping you get through?

Let me know in the comments!

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