Low Key Gender Reveal Ideas for Introverts

Pregnant woman boy announcement

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Gender reveal parties are becoming ever more popular among my generation. We all love a good reason to celebrate, so why not use it as an excuse??

Still, my husband and I are total introverts. We knew right away we didn’t want a party.

I personally would rather stay home and read than have to hold a conversation at a party.

& my husband doesn’t mind parties once in a while, but he was so nervous to stand in front of a crowd at our wedding that I seriously worried he wouldn’t show!

So, it makes sense that neither one of us wanted to do the trendy thing and have a gender reveal party. 

Guests, entertaining, spotlight on us? No thanks!!

Ultrasound it's a boy

Still, I knew that I needed to find a way to surprise our family with the big news.

So we got an early scan done without telling our family.

Once I knew we were having a boy, I went to the store and bought:

  • two grandparent themed outfits,
  • some balloons,
  • and tissue paper

and wrapped them all in a box to be opened that night at dinner.

We told them it was a thank you gift for all the things they’d bought for the baby so far.

They were so excited when they realized what the gift actually was though!

The point is, a gender reveal doesn’t have to be super involved or require a lot of planning if you don’t want it to.

So if you’re looking for some low key gender reveal ideas, here are five ideas to consider!

Pregnant woman boy announcement

1. Announce via Snapchat

You can still do a fun and fancy reveal without actually entertaining guests. Figure out what you want to do for the big reveal. Then record it on Snapchat and send it to all your friends and family.

2. Post it on Facebook Live

You can keep your video as a memory instead of it disappearing!

3. Get professional photos done and share them online

I like this idea as well because you get to keep the photos forever. However, if you’re still too introverted to pose for the camera, skip this one!

4. Send it in the mail

If you’ve got the extra $$ for stamps, send out your gender announcement in the mail.

You can use Canva to make an announcement. In fact, this is how we announced that we were expecting!

5. Hand out sweets

Colored cupcakes, surprise cake, pink or blue candies… you get the idea. Find a way to keep the secret under wraps and then hand out the sweets at work or a small family gathering.

Any more ideas? Have you already revealed your baby’s gender? Share your announcement with us in the comments!

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