Useful Baby Registry Items

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I’d like to share with you some of the useful baby registry items that I’ve used since giving birth.

So many things from my registry remain unpurchased or unused!

Probably because most of it you just don’t need!

If you’re looking for useful baby registry items to add to your list, take it from someone who’s already on the other side.

Don’t have a registry yet? Try Amazon.

I chose Amazon for the simple fact that I’ve got Amazon Prime, and I know many other people do as well.

It’s easier for my friends and family to purchase from my list with free shipping and Amazon Points if they’ve got the Amazon Credit Card.

Amazon also sends you a gift box with samples once you’ve completed your registry, and then you get two 15% off coupons for later use.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Amazon registry was having to put something from every category on it in order to complete the list.

But it did give me a few extra ideas for things I did end up needing.

screenshot amazon baby registry

Anyway, on to my personal list!

In this list I’ve included everything I use or purchased from my registry, plus some things I ended up buying after the baby was born.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you COULD have.

Instead, it’s all the things I found truly helpful during the newborn period.

Items you need on your baby registry

1. Microwave steam bags

One of the things that hit me like a brick was how much stuff there is to sterilize.

I was also miffed by the fact that you have to waste 20 minutes of your day trying to boil water!

Steam bags are an absolute life saver.

They are one of the most useful baby registry items I have!

With my microwave it takes 1.5 minutes to sterilize a batch of my bottles, pump parts, and pacifiers.

100% worth it!!!!!

2. Cosleeping bed –

Baby sleeping

Originally I bought a bassinet and had every intention of using it exclusively, but for various reasons, I ended up with a cosleeping bed instead.

We put this one in between us and I had easy access to him.

There are multiple options if this is the route you choose to go, but the link above will lead you to the one I chose.

It’s really convenient because it folds up for storage, plus it doesn’t take up a ton of room.

3. Nursing pillow –

Nursing pillow

There are a couple different pillow types to try, but I prefer the My Brest Friend pillow.

It stays in place much better than the boppy because it has a buckle.

I still use my boppy for tummy time, though.

Whatever kind you choose, a nursing pillow is a GREAT thing to have.

4. Nursing cover

Of course we have the right to breast feed in public.

But not everyone feels comfortable doing that.

I felt this was best for when we were with friends or family.

5. Baby car mirror

I would definitely not feel comfortable driving with my baby in the backseat if not for this mirror.

baby car mirror in back seat

C has a tendency to turn purple when he’s super mad.

This way I know if it’s getting too serious and I can stop somewhere to calm him down.

Luckily he mostly likes to ride in the car.

6. Baby carrier –

I wasn’t sure how I felt about baby carriers when I first became a mom.

I didn’t want to “wear my baby” everywhere.

But jeez, your arms get tired after holding your baby for about five minutes.

Not to mention, sometimes you just need to be able to use your arms.

Our two baby carriers are some of the most useful baby registry items we have.

We have both a wrap and the LILLEbaby.

Stuffed animal in a baby carrier
Hubs trying out the carrier (baby was asleep 😂)

My husband uses the LILLEbaby because it looks a little more masculine (although you can get cuter styles).

I prefer the wrap because my hips are a little wide for the LILLEbaby and plus I have a short waste.

**Just be careful wearing your baby in the kitchen.

In fact, you might want to avoid the kitchen while wearing your baby.

Too many hot things floating around!

7. Baby activity gym –

My baby really got into playing at one month old.

He loved the play gym and that’s where we got the most smiles.

Baby on tummy
Excuse my hair, y’all. It doesn’t know which way to go.

The mat of the gym is actually where he did his first belly to back roll!

So it has a special place in my heart 🙂

8. Baby blankets/clothes –

The number one thing people gave me as gifts were clothes.

Registering for specific types of clothes is a great way to build your stockpile.

But, a word of advice:

if you’re putting clothes on your registry, try and match the age range with the season of the year.

Otherwise, you’ll end up with clothes your baby just can’t wear.

9. Crib/sheets –

You’ve got a few options for a crib these days.

There are convertiblesminis, and regular cribs.

I thought for a long time about getting a mini crib to save space, but decided against it in the end.

baby sleeping in crib
The first and only time he’s been in the crib!

Don’t forget crib sheets as well!

This is not a must have item right away unless you’ll be using the crib from the start.

But it’s nice to have to complete your nursery and make everything feel complete.

10. Stroller –

Think about yourself when choosing a stroller.

Personally, I’m not very strong and I’m pretty lazy (let’s face it).

So I chose the lightweight and SUPER easy to fold Graco stroller (the Snugrider Elite).

I can just snap the car seat right in and go.

Some people might choose the heftier option that also has the built in seat for when the baby gets older.

To each her own!

Best advice I can give is to actually go to a store and test some out!

11. Rocking chair/glider –

I believe these are a total necessity.

This may at one point be the only way you can get your baby to sleep (it definitely has been for us).

A nice chair is also a big comfort to you when you’re aching and tired.

gliding chair

I bought mine on sale when Toys ‘R Us was closing. I love it.

12. Baby monitor – 

Another one of the most useful baby registry items we use!

Whether you just want a basic noise monitor, or you need a video monitor for peace of mind, don’t forget to register for one of these things.

You’ll want it especially if your baby will be spending time in another room apart from you, such as during nap time. 

Initially I only bought a noise monitor, but we had a dog camera before the baby and we’ve been using that instead.

It helps us better determine if we really need to intervene when we hear the baby crying.

13. Breast pump 

Before you put a breast pump on your registry, check with your insurance provider.

You may be able to get a pump for free.

If you do not have insurance, or your insurance doesn’t pay for a breast pump, check out all the options you have via Amazon.

Consider the type of pumper you’ll be. If you’re going to exclusively pump, you probably need a hospital grade pump.

If you’re on the other end of the spectrum and expect to pump only sometimes, a basic pump like the Lansinoh Smart Pump will do.

14. Diaper cream applicator

Diaper cream


Saves you the mess on your fingers and it’s easy to clean!

*FYI: I would not use this if your baby gets a diaper rash just in case the rash is yeast!

15. Thermometer –

You may remember from my post about baby visitation policies that babies have very little immune system for the first three months of life.

You need a thermometer to check their temperature if you have concerns about their well-being.

Several options here, too:

Find one that works for you cuz you’re gonna need it!

What other must-have items do you have on your registry. Don’t have a registry, you say?? Go start one right now!!

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